You’re perfect for you

What, are you waiting for them to ask you how you are so you feel better about yourself? Or, are you waiting for them to text you so you feel wanted? Or atleast, are you still giving them chances after they’ve disappointed you constantly? No, don’t. Don’t do any of it. It’s not wrong to care for them but its wrong to care for them more than for yourself. Come on, its time you realise, you have yourself. And when you have yourself, why do you have to chase others? Look after yourself, I promise you no one can and will stand by you more than yourself. How can you talk to people about yourself, when you don’t even know? How can you expect anyone to care and love you when you  don’t, to yourself? Look at yourself, you’re a perfect soul for you. Believe in yourself, and more than that, trust your self, and never ever break that trust. And if at all you do, give a second chance, and never ever break your faith in yourself. If you can love, care and give people so many chances, why can’t you do that for yourself? After all, you’re the best for you. Give it time, talk to yourself everyday, go on a date alone, eat alone, watch movies alone. Make yourself happy. Do everything you like to do for others. Cause one day no one would be there for you but you will. Be busy with yourself. Don’t expect anyone to love you, for if you can’t, how can they?
Realize your worth. You deserve better from yourself. Love yourself, you will not need anyone’s love to survive. Keep the key of your happiness in your own hand, and live as if you don’t know what sadness is. Take care of yourself, and happiness will take care of you


And you met me, after a long heartbreak

And he walked towards me, hugged me so tight, and I wondered, why had he hug me suddenly, for he’d never hugged me before. But I won’t lie, I wished that moment would’ve never passed, I wished he hadn’t left hugging me. It was the kind of hug that said “I missed you so much”, but then, why would he say that? After all, I loved him, he never did. He had walked away, not me. And just then, as we looked eye into eye, he spoke
” how have you been?”
“I’ve…I’ve been pretty good.”
I never asked him how he was doing, I just couldn’t.
We only looked at each other, as if our eyes were speaking.
“I’m sorry”, he said, ” I can see you’re still hurt.”
“You’re not sorry, I know.”
“I am. How can you say that?”
“You never loved me, but you could still read my eyes. And i? I loved you, loved you more than myself.”
He looked away, maybe with guilt. But i only looked at him, not a second away. I’d once fallen in love with his eyes, and again I fell for it. His brown eyes, the loveliest eyes of all.
I couldn’t look away. I wanted to see him for all of the time I could, for I knew I could only see him next after too long. Cause like before, he would leave again, and never try to meet again. And until then I could live with all the memories of this meet and feed them again and again.
And just then, when I was lost in his eyes, he asked,
“Do you still hope I would come to you some day and promise you that I would never leave?”
Yes, I do. I missed you so much. Why did you take so long to come back? Damit, you know I love you, don’t you?
I said this. Nope, not to him, just someone who didn’t hear. I could feel his eyes speak, saying “don’t worry, I’ve come here now, and I promise I’ll never leave.”
Maybe he understood what I wanted to say, I could see his eyes slowly smile. But just before they could smile completely, I said.
“You were dead to me long back…. Don’t ever try to come back.. ”
I don’t know how he reacted, I don’t know what his face spoke, for I walked away after that. Yeah, I had tears, I’ll miss him again, but if I hadn’t given up on him, I would’ve given up on myself.
And I hope, maybe someday again, we would meet up the same. Walking along the lane, we would see each other, and he would come to me and I would fall in love with him all over again. Again and again until I either find him true, or I find myself no longer in Love. Until then, I would live with memories of his lovely brown eyes. His eyes, loveliest of all.

Innocence killed

That little girl, staying with her parents, believed how beautiful love was, and how lovely it was to marry someone and live with them for the rest of our life. All she felt, because she used to see how her parents loved each other, and cared for each other so much. How her parents did things and cared for all their children. And then as she grew up, her perception of love was just not the same. She felt, love was just one horrible thing to fall in, and that people cannot last forever happily in love. All of that too, was all that she saw in her parents. The fights they had, the violent they went, was all that she could see as she was growing up. Ignoring was something she couldn’t do, and bearing all that was not in her strengths! Yet, she beared. Listening to all those bad talks her parents spoke to each other, seeing all the beatings and violence, she lived. She cut herself, she bled, she cried herself to sleep, but yet she lived on. She knew her parents loved her, but hated each other. They lived for their children, but wanted to kill each other! But, she wanted to die, for she thought that was the only way to stop pain, stop her pain. But for her parents, she wanted them to just stay away from each other, and then from her too. All this was just within herself, but she uttered none of it to her parents. She couldn’t find the courage, she felt weak. She couldn’t run away, she couldn’t commit suicide, for she knew her parents would blame each other for it. And so she decided to do something else.
And it all ended in a bad way. The police couldn’t find where she was, and her siblings cry on their parents death, reading the news headlines which said “young teenager yet not found, after murdering parents.”