One sight, and it pulls me back to you

I sat there in my own thoughts, least expecting anything, when i saw you come walking towards me. You waved at me with a smile, and I waved back at you, with a blank expression. Seeing you gave me so much relief, for I hadn’t seen you in so long. Relief of what, I don’t know. For it gave me a cry, too, which I could hardly control in front of you. You came towards me, still smiling. And I, I was just looking into your eyes, feeling love all over again. It was as if our eyes were communicating, and that they know it was just their own business to do, for I can’t say what they spoke within. It was as if the time had not really paused, but slowed down.  I could feel it. I could feel the silence so loving, and so comforting. Damn, I knew I fell for you all over again. I wished i could see you like for all my life, and would not even blink for once in the fear of not seeing you even for a second. But then, you headed to leave, not saying anything. And that, hit me. Not that you didn’t say anything, for I can still understand your silence. It broke my heart that you were leaving, leaving me and going. It took me back to the day when you’d first left me. It was as if now I’d fallen in love with you, and you decided to leave. I wanted you to stay, I wanted to scream out telling you not to leave, but it was all left unsaid. I didn’t see you walk ahead, I knew I couldn’t bear that sight. Instead I looked down, controlling my tears. And now I could only think about was you. How lucky are people you love, that they’re being loved by someone like you. How lucky are they who get to see you everyday. And now, I don’t know when I could get to see you next. And so, I got up, feeling heavy, walking back home. Hands in my pocket, in a slow pace, heart broken. All I knew was, I still love you, love you the most



“Maybe, we just weren’t meant to be.” Well, maybe you were meant to be, but you just didn’t want it to be. Is it so hard to stay in love? Or is it just too boring to be with the same person for ever? Have you forgotten the meaning of love, or you don’t know it in the first place? Love is selfless giving, unconditional giving, without expecting anything in return. Sadly, love has been replace with the meaning which says “you give, I give.” If you really loved your partner, the relationship just cannot end whatsoever. There is nothing called as a “bad timing”, every person meets us at the best time they could. Also, ” not meant to be” is not God’s decision but yours, you just gave up on the idea of forever. Come on, how hard is it to be in love with the same person for life? How hard is it to stay loyal to a person, and how hard is it to just keep a relationship and be in it for the rest of your life? It’s not an agreement, yet it seems like. What does it take for a relationship to last? Trust? Loyalty? Love? Communication? That’s it! Is it too hard to hold on to these? Come on, just one smile on your partner’s face everyday? Is that too much to give? Don’t you get happiness seeing your partner happy? Keeping him/her happy should be your hobby, not just your job. If you really really were in love, you would very well know how to keep your love going on. Stop bringing your ego and self respect in between unnecessarily! No one would ever bring down their partner’s self respect. Respecting each other is tr most wanted thing in the relationship. First respect them, loving them comes second.
People make mistakes, no ones perfect. They will hurt you, but always remember, they love you truly. They might get angry, but so what? You should be their support, their lifeline, someone whom they can fall on and not get hurt.
If you feel your partner doesn’t deserve any love from you, then honestly, they deserve a lot better person than you. And if you feel they’re hard to love, leave them. No ones forcing you to love. They will get better, and you might learn to become better.
And if you’re in a relationship, and are really proud of it, staying in it, happy with it, and know that you’ll never ever give up on it, you deserve this kind of love. And I just wanna tell this to you, your partner is really lucky to have you, and love never dies from your relationship, or from anyone’s life ever.