Live life your style

“I am the way I am.”
Why did your voice tremble? Why couldn’t you look into my eyes and tell me that? It’s because your eyes are hiding everything that you’re holding within. Your eyes show fear, pain yet hope. Maybe, a false hope. You’re scared of yourself more than anyone in the universe. You eyes show a galaxy, yet you say you’re scared of the night. You’ve learned alot from the pain you’ve had, yet you should be knowing, its not enough. Protect yourself only from the harm of people, not from their love. Don’t hide your emotions, don’t pretend you don’t have any. You’re a normal unique human being, stay that way. Stay happy, feel the heartbreaks, fall down and stand up again, cry out loud. Live for yourself, and yet love for the people you love. And for that, you gotta do a really small thing. Change. Change yourself. Not completely that you lose yourself, just as much as you know you really should. Change the things that make you feel you’re not worth, bring in the things that will make you believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid baby, not all changes are for the worse. Why not take a risk? Don’t be afraid that you might lose out on things, or people, or situations. You’ll always land up in heaven on earth. Believe, and you shall achieve. Cuz in life, change is the only the constant.



How easily we get attached to souls could tell us a lot about how much pain we would be holding within. The best attachment is not the one with appearance, but the one with deepest treasure, the soul within all of us. Souls see no gender, they see no religion. They see no complexion, they see no age. They see nothing at all. All they do, is feel. Feel the naked soul of another, feel the beauty of it. Just one conversation, or mere silence between two is just enough to fall in love with one’s bare soul. Attachments leads cravings. Craving of loving one’s soul more and more, again and again. The hunger to see them, talk to them, or just be together is just enough. Yet, the absence of them could mentally and physically give pain. Knowingly or unknowingly, we’ve been attached to many souls passing by, and then drifted. At every corner of our heart we would find a soul’s fingerprint, and yet, with it could be a scar too.

Hatred, just why?

How does hatred come? Where does it come from, into love? Why is there always some hatred present in every relation? Can’t there be any relation so pure, so loving that there is no love for hatred ? Hatred is so toxic, so poisonous that it kills every bit of love. Hatred is just another impurity who’s cure has still not been found, nor its source. One’s relationship looks beautiful until you go deep inside and see how much of hatred they carry within for each other. Why can’t there be a world of no hatred just love? Why can’t one just leave another when hatred enters, or just push out that hatred and never leave that person? They say, there’s more love than where ever you see. But I see hatred taking over love everywhere! Why fake love? why boost hatred? Why live with someone you hate? Why hatred at all? So many whys, yet no answers. It’s true, this world is just a shitty place to live in.

A silent love story

And they caught each other, in crowds of relatives. No touches, no smiles, their eyes were just enough for them to connect. The first day of the three day ceremony, they stole glances, just not together. Yet, at times, caught each other’s eyes. Why was this weird connection, they didn’t know. For out of the crowd of hundreds, they could still manage to find each other. Not approaching, they had reasons for it. He didn’t know what she felt, she didn’t know what he felt. And so the day passed all that way. The second of the three days, they met. No words spoken, but smiles shared. They found reasons to pass by each other, look at each other, and always give a smile. Out of everything, chasing each other was all that mattered to them. The last day of the three days, they knew they wouldn’t meet after this. They stood together, seeing the bride and groom, thinking the same. They looked at that pair, and could see themselves in them. They stood together in silence, unknown of the fact that they both are feeling just the same. And the ceremony ended, and finally they walked together, just not in the same direction but the opposite. How could they approach? They just couldn’t. How could he tell her that he wanted her, when he felt that maybe he didn’t deserve someone as beautiful as her? How could she tell him that she wanted him, when she thought that it was just her falling in love and not him? And that’s how departed away, hoping that if destiny allows, they shall meet once more to continue their love story..

Best friend breakup?

How do you look at your best friend, and tell yourself that it’s time to let go? Yeah, I had to tell that to myself, that it’s time I let go of you. Let go of your pain. How worse could that pain be, of watching our friendship fade away, but helplessly do nothing about it. Maybe you couldn’t see, or maybe you could but didn’t care. But I saw it, and I felt it. The other day I realized my friend became so close to me, that we would talk whole day and not get bored of each other. But then, I pushed her away. Only because, I don’t wanna get that close to her how I am to you. I don’t want to replace you with anybody else. I want you and only you to be my best friend for life, and vice versa. But I think, that’s just not gonna happen. You’ve gone far from me. So far that I cannot see you anymore. Our talks have disappeared that when we talk, I get so happy that you finally got some time for me. I understand that you might be busy, but, taking out some time for me? Was that too much to ask? You’ve changed towards me, you don’t understand me like before. Maybe that’s why I stopped telling you things, atleast I won’t feel bad that way. You know, I miss you. I miss a lot. Whenever I hear or read the word ‘best friend’, you’re the only one who comes on my mind, and instantly I even remember that maybe I don’t really have a best friend anymore. And if its not you, I don’t want any other best friend in my life. You were the best person I needed in my life, and now you’ve gone out of my life. So, instead of I get my hopes high again and again, I shall push you out completely, once and for all. But for the last time I’m telling you, I love you and I always will. And I miss you more

Not everyone’s dreams come true

They say, dream bigger, chase them and don’t ever give up on them. Run until you catch them, run until the dream gets tired of running away from you. But what if we get tired running? What if the dreams are way too faster than us? And what if we very well know that we can just never achieve them? Not all’s dream come true. Not all’s dream can come true whatsoever. It’s hard, it really is. Yet, they say, no matter what, run after your dreams, believe you can achieve. But what do we do, when we believe that we might just never achieve, yet want it more than anything ever? Follow your dreams, only till you can follow. For sometimes they might take to you to ocean’s depth, knowing you don’t know how to swim. Not to make you learn how to, but just to drown you. But we follow it, thinking we might eventually learn how to swim, but sometimes, we really don’t learn. They say it’s no big deal to take that small step ahead, but we alone know how big deal it is to take that step which seems the biggest of all. Risk is no bad, sometimes just hopes are no more ready. How coward could we be to dream bigger, and not achieve it, to keep hopes of achieving though knowing we cannot. Still, sometimes, dreaming can just make us happy. For if not in reality, let us live in our dreams


The world which we live in, is all about people, and their thinking! It’s a world to live in, and to love, but not to understand! One might go completely mad trying to understand it, still being unsuccessful. Maybe that’s why it’s said, its just a funny world, filled with idiots. It’s just as complicated and as simple as it seems to be. In short to be said, what makes it so simple yet so confusing is, “perspectives”. The way we see things, the way someone else sees it is just never completely same. That’s why were taught to learn maths, not people, for maths seems much easier! Your true love, could be someone’s worst enemy. A decision made, could may seem wrong to you, but could be the best of choice for them. It’s funny that we’re always right, and so are they. And they’re always wrong, and so are we. Your kindness could seem to look as flirting, yet someone’s flirting could really be their kindness. Perspectives perspectives everywhere. Where ever a man goes, his perspective is always along. Just like ours! We might want them to talk to us, and they might want to give us sometime. Its as intresting and as annoying as it seems to be. Perspective can actually be understood, just not all the time.
So we better open our books and calculate what 2+2 gives us, rather than understanding what 2 people’s perspectives are, until and unless we’re ready to lose our mind completely