Two sides of a coin

Who were they? Two of the most respected elders. The loveliest couple. The strong, independent, aged people. The best guidance. The “loved by all” couple. The world pictured them so great, that their flaws were just invisible. Yet, we all know, no ones perfect, and so weren’t they. The foolish world couldn’t see the evil side, the side they showed to their daughter, to their home. How loved the were by the world, how their daughter wished she could get it from her parents. Maybe that couple was so busy making the world a good place, they forgot they had an angel at their place. Poor angel, with no guidance, just unexplained orders, grew up in every wrong way. Emotions were supposed to give her life, instead she didn’t receive any. And then she lost her life, lost her soul. But her body hasn’t been buried, she’s still breathing, fighting everyday. Fighting with herself, asking herself where was she wrong. For she’s heard, parents’ love is the best, she tried to believe, knowing somehow that not all parents love truly. That’s how the life went, with all the wrong turns in her life, marrying the wrong man, having a family who didn’t love her. Yet, she’s alive. And that couple lived the same, with all respect, with all love they received, with all independence. The foolish world didn’t know they’re not deserving, blinding chanting “no love’s greater than parents’ love.”


Fading love

I don’t even remember his face, neither his voice, that’s how far he’s gone from me. It’s feels like it’s been ages talking to him or even seeing him. But I wouldn’t tremble across hearing his voice, you might be thinking I’m really strong. But no, it’s just because I wouldn’t even know it’s him talking to me until I see his face. And even if I see him, I would still take time to recollect that he’s that guy I’m in love with. This make me wonder am I even really in love? And if yes, with whom? With my past? Because if I’m in love with this guy, who’s face I barely remember, who’s voice I barely can recognize, what sort of love could it be? There is just nothing I’m sure of about it, except that I’d once really loved this guy. But now, I’m unsure of my own feelings. Hell, I don’t even know if I’m in love. I’ve been waiting and waiting for so long, that I’ve almost completely forgotten what am I waiting for! I’m not in love, nor I’m out of love. I’m somewhere yet nowhere, and that’s the worst that I don’t even know where I stand. My thoughts completely revolve around that guy, but that guy whom I’d last met 15 months ago, not that guy who’s changed and is alive here somewhere. I just know one thing about that guy, his four letter name. And that four letter feeling I had, which is now where I don’t know

To all those unrecognized writers.

And that’s how I knew you were broken, by the way you write. They say, only an artist can understand another artist. It’s true, cuz all these artists have common things to hide in a common way. And I saw what you wrote, and what you hid behind those words. It’s funny how writers come out of broken hearts. And what they pretend to not feel yet they write that down beautifully. People are quite dumb if it comes to understanding. When they read a sad writing, they picture themselves into it, not knowing what made the writer write that. No one writes without a purpose. No one writes without feeling. Every writer has a purpose, and most of the time, the purpose is to let out the unsaid. And if a writer ever shows you what he writes, it’s not always to just show it. Maybe he wants to confess something, even though he might deny it a few times. All thanks to those not-so-understanding friends that we have such beautiful writers and their writings today. Understand your friends, idiots, cuz once he is a writer, his writings will become his solo best friend and there will be one day when his own writing will stab you to death.
But the best part for the writers is, they could kill you just with their words, and it would be legal too.
It’s high time to stop being so stupid, guys. Understand your writers. Because if he can survive with his words, he kill himself with it too, and you would still be too dumb to realize the cause.