Your Inconsistent Love

Your ignorance,

Your short replies,

You inconsistency of loving me.

You were losing interest in me.

But damn, you didn’t confess.

Asked for a confession, but your anger scared me.

Your love again, melted me,

Your ignorance again, burnt me.

Which is worse, I don’t know.

Your inconsistency towards me, or my constant hopes from you.

Where once it was just me for you, now I can’t find myself in your world.

What did I do? Just gave you unconditioned love.

Maybe that was not enough to give,

Or maybe, it was too much.

Not did you just break me,

You crushed my soul

Made me feel worthless, like maybe I wasn’t enough for you, or wasn’t deserving.

Everyday, your ignorance stabbed me like a knife, and I bled, still wanting you.

And now I’m in this pool of blood, blood of my unconditioned love.

Still taking you name, for my satisfaction that I tried till I died, tried to be just enough for you once again


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