Let go? Not always.

I think the whole concept of “letting go” has been taught wrong, or has been mistaken and misunderstood by all of us. We’ve been taught to let go of things more than to hold on to them. We practice letting go so often that we have merely nothing to hold on to. Its said, let go if it hurts. Its true, of course. If it hurts you too much, you need to move on. But not everything that hurts should be left behind. How or else could you admire a rose so close without getting yourself hurt by its thorns? The thorns does not make the rose any less beautiful. But the thorns are a part of the rose, and that’s just how we humans are. We all are beautiful, yet we all have something quite hurtful. You don’t have to let go of your friend, just because she did something that could be forgiven sooner or later in life. You don’t have to let go of your partner if they chose to do something that makes them happy but not you. Its alright to get hurt by your close ones sometimes. That only proves that they matter to you, and that you care. Otherwise they couldn’t have hurt you at all, if they didn’t matter. But again, that doesn’t make them bad or against you. Sometimes some things just happen. 

Yes, letting go is a part of life. Somethings have to be left behind. Letting go is truly courageous. But holding on to something or someone is uniquely special. You need to be strong to let go. You need to be stronger to hold on to things, get through the storm, and come out with a greater bond. Because when you hold on to things, they hold on to you back, and that feeling is something really beautiful.

Surely, let go if you really want to. But hold on, maybe just one more time.


2 thoughts on “Let go? Not always.”

  1. “Just because we hear someone say “no” just means it is not time yet, each “no” is a test of your faith. Hold on a little longer”. Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but more difficult to regret. I stole those quotes but I really liked this blog post, it speaks truth. I hope you been good, you been missed my friend.


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