As the night fell over, and the clouds turned darker,

The city lights went off like every other night. 

The world remained silent and shut in it’s body,

While she successfully escaped from her owned body.
The world was quiet, in calmness and peace

Oblivious to every act of her’s that night 

Little did anyone know, when the world would wake up

When the sun would come to greet, her eyes would remain still and shut
That night her soul gazed the world with it’s own vision

As the blood rushed out of her body, her soul walked out tranquilly

A place she wanted to escape slowly turned into the world itself

The world that now she’d finally escaped
The world now was in peace, ultimate peace

Until next morning, when the dead would unveil

This night would pass, with heavy darkness in the air

For the infinities knew this, she would wake up never again