Why did you leave?

When you left, you know, it didn’t feel like a part of me was walking away from me. It felt like I was walking away from myself, telling myself that until you don’t come back to me, I can’t come back to myself.

When you left, it was like the world had crushed down. Something was sucking out my soul of out my body, making me feel completely dead inside.

And now, its been a while you left, but this pain you’ve given me just doesn’t seem to leave. You are all I needed ever. Your abandonment was like getting stabbed by a million knives, all at once. And I’m still bleeding.

Today is one of those days, where I feel the emptiness fill in me, consuming me bit by bit. Today is one of those days, where I will drink as much as I can take in, until I can see you without you being there, and tell you that I’ve been missing you so much, and then I shall feel your arms around me while I fall asleep.


Abrupt endings.

Some people will leave, and never come back. Everything will be different from then, but somehow everything would seem okay some day. Some people fall apart only to come together stronger. But some people, some people fall apart, and get broken. That’s it. They never come back. Things somehow just end, day by day, until one day you know its ended, but you won’t know when exactly it ended. It just ended, somehow. They might come back to you, but they really haven’t come back to you. That’s when you know things are never gonna be the same, when you can’t feel their presence, in their presence. Some people leave, that’s just how it is. One day you might love them to life, and the next morning you might lose them in a moment. And that moment, that moment of loss, is like a sword passing right through your bare chest, slowly with perfection making you taste every little bit of pain. And when they leave, the create voids in your heart, very deep and very painful. And most of it, they’re irreplaceable. It can only be refilled by the same people who created them, and that’s why they’re just left empty. You don’t realize how many holes they’ve created until you fall into them. And when people leave, you don’t want to replace them ever. You never wanna give the same kind of love to someone else, you never ever want someone that close to you, but them again. But that’s just how it is. Some people leave, and they really never come back. They’ll just be loved forever, silently, quietly, and unknowingly.


The rain touches the ground, as though it was so desperate

The fog hugs it around, a blurred world to create

The sky looks heavy, at its most grey

As though the sky too wants to just get away
I hear people’s feet splashing the water

As they run to find themselves a shelter

How I’d wish I could find one too

To protect me from the life I’m going through
Its all a chaos, a blurred world all around

With horns and splashes and all sorts of the sound

Just like how my mind feels everyday

A mess through which there doesn’t seem a way
But I stand there, amidst the running beings

Taking in the chaos, the sounds and the splashings

I feel calm, for I know what’s happening

I feel calm, for I know what’s coming
I look at the streets, I walk in alone

The street I’ve for so long known

I close my eyes before the car ringing its horn

With blankness and blackness, I’m now forever gone