The rain touches the ground, as though it was so desperate

The fog hugs it around, a blurred world to create

The sky looks heavy, at its most grey

As though the sky too wants to just get away
I hear people’s feet splashing the water

As they run to find themselves a shelter

How I’d wish I could find one too

To protect me from the life I’m going through
Its all a chaos, a blurred world all around

With horns and splashes and all sorts of the sound

Just like how my mind feels everyday

A mess through which there doesn’t seem a way
But I stand there, amidst the running beings

Taking in the chaos, the sounds and the splashings

I feel calm, for I know what’s happening

I feel calm, for I know what’s coming
I look at the streets, I walk in alone

The street I’ve for so long known

I close my eyes before the car ringing its horn

With blankness and blackness, I’m now forever gone


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