Turn around, im here for you

You didnt realise when id walked away from you

For you were busy loving her, but i was waiting for you

Your love for her was true enough, i could see

You love her the most, you used to tell me

But im standing here, far away from your sight

For i cant see you with her, happy and alright

You saw me going, but you didnt do anything

For i knew, to you, i meant nothing

I am waiting for you yet, and it seems too long

For i hope one day you ll call me and ask, what went wrong

But this distance between us, is hurting so bad

How i wish this love for you i wouldve never had

Its killing me inside, that she ll have you for ever

And i know i can have you never

But please come to me, i love you

Just look back, im still here, only waiting for you


I’d embraced love, once upon a time.

Yes! Id loved once. Loved someone more than myself. Being loved by someone more than anyone else. I agree, that feeling was great. Loving someone and being loved by the same person, is one of the best feelings you can ever feel. Yeah, id felt that feeling. Never did i know, i had to pay the cost of it. When you love someone, they become your everything. And when they leave, you are left with nothing. Yes, i was left with nothing. Just a goodbye was all i heard, and that still echoes in my ear. Those times, where the nights passed only with tears but no sleep. And the days passed sitting all alone, waiting, hoping for my love to come back to me. I felt so alone. That feeling was horrible, it was scary. I had got no reason to live, i wanted to die. The cuts i made only hurt me so bad, never did it kill me. Being so alone, broke me inside. It ruptured my soul, the soul who could never live again. Yes, i have that soul in me, hidden within me. I still have the scars, i still have the pain within me. Im not waiting anymore, neither am i living but. Yes, i had loved someone. But no, i ll never love anyone anymore. For there is no love within me, to give it to anyone. And for the fact that id once loved, i will never want to love again.

I miss you so much

I’m in a mess, since the day you left. And i haven’t yet found anyone who could replace you. Sometimes, i hate you and feel good about moving on. But yet, sometimes i miss you so bad and realise how i still care for you so much. For theres everyone iv tried to compare with you, and known no one is as true as you were.

Since the day you had left, theres no one who had stayed. But theres no one who mattered to me till now how much you did.

You hurt me the most, yet i tell you with pure honesty, i love you. Youre still the best, though not the same person you once were.

Its years now, yet i need you so bad. No one else, but just you. Please come back. I really really miss you!

Is it love, or just the pain left?

I dont know anymore, what i hold in for you

All i knew, that id once loved you

I dont know, whether this love still remains

For i hear your name, but my heart just pains

Its easy for me not to text you everyday

Yet its hard to decide whether i should walk away

For i know you wouldnt run behind, you wouldnt chase me

You didnt let me love you, nor you ever loved me

But its not the love, that reminds me of your name

Its the pain that makes realise id been played a good game

I loved you once, how would i forget you ever?

You taught me how to love, how could i just love another?

I would never hate you, i can promise you on this

For we never hate someone who were once our bliss

You were my first love, the memory of which i could never get rid

Maybe i still love you alot, just not how much i once did

Thats how it goes on

Its sad that sometime people form bonds with each other only to realize that it is meant to be broken. And once bonds start breaking, they find reasons to hold on and fix those unfixable bonds. Just like broken glass pieces, when they try to fix these, theyre hurt! And one after the other hurt, they finally give up. They give up on reality, yet they know they will always have a corner for each other. For they know that the other person was never bad, only the situation was. And thats how life goes on, bonds are being made and broken, until death!

To stay or not to stay, that is the question! 

Maybe, its not the love i want in return from you. Maybe, its just the apology, a true apology, for all the backstabbing. I tried to walk away from you, but something is just holding me tight. No, its not your love, its not your care. Its all about the realization which you should have had, which you havent had yet. You’ve hurt me a millions times, youve broken my trust, too. Youve backstabbed, not knowing that i know everything about it. Sometimes i feel like telling you that i know all that youve done behind my back, and tell you that im leaving you right here. But yet i realize that it wouldnt matter to you, that you wouldnt chase me. And that, i want to hear all that you did to me, from your mouth. I want you to confess everything, even though i know it all, only for you to know that i walked away with a reason not to come back. There are times you love me so much, and make me feel that we can still hold on each other’s trust, but as soon as the day changes, your actions and my feelings change too. Im not your priority, i can see that so clearly, then why am i in such a misunderstanding that you care about me how you used to. There are things that you can show to prove you do care, i agree to it. But i have nothing but just a sad heart and my broken trust to feel, not anything you would agree to. I might never get someone like you who cared about me so much, maybe i ll never meet a person like you ever. Yeah, this holds me tight. But yet, standing with you, i dont know where i belong. For you could leave me the next moment, and feel nothing but happy in your life! And i ll be left hanging. I wanted you to stay in my life forever, never did i know i might be the one leaving. I wish you were the same to me, then maybe we would be there for each other till now, and forever too! Yes, im afraid to walk away, and yet im afraid to stay. 


Just then, my eyes were drawn upon you. In that crowded room, where you seem to brighten as everyone else go dim. I steal every glance, my eyes are just stuck on you, admiring your beauty! My heart pounding, it seems that youre that only dove there, between all the crows! You eyes seems to have that sparkle, that where ever your eyes rest upon, become priceless! And just then, when you smile, it feels like the whole world has paused, just to look at your smilie! I just know this fact, youve got the best smile in the world. The brightest of all smile. You could light up my whole world, just with your smile. I got this urge to just run up to you, hug you soo tight, and never let go off you! Youre just priceless to me, and i feel so greedy! Time flew, just like the rushing water, but i was just into you, and i loved it! Your beauty made me fall for you so hard. How i wish this time never ends, and The universe just stops at this very moment, letting me feel alive. How i wish i could pause this time, and never resume it!