I’ll wait for you, my love

No, i dont hate you for breaking my heart, i dont hate for hurting me so bad. I dont hate you for whatever youve done, and whatever youve made me felt! Cuz my love for you is so much, that this hate would be too less infront of it. I surely am walking away from you, but not from the feelings i have for you, i do love you, and i do will love you forever. But im walking away, not from the love, but from the pain which you give me everyday. And this pain is making me numb, so numb that i cannot feel the love anymore. But now i know, that my love will be enough for both of us. I am moving away, you might not be able to see me, but trust me im not that far. I wont go away so far that you wouldnt be able to reach. Just come to find me, and you ll see me beside you. You might not love me now, you might love me later, maybe thats how it is supposed to be. But i know, sooner or later, i will meet you again, and my love for you would still be the same. And maybe that time, you would fall for me how i fell for you. For i love you, and i ll never love another. Cuz youve filled a place in my heart nobody can ever replace! Im going, but yet i am waiting. For i know one day, you would come in search of me! And il hold your hand, and how i do now, i would love you the same, i would love you forever!

I wish to get you

Yeah, youre another name of love, to me

Yet this love of you makes me feel a bit too lonely

For this word keeps echoing in my ears for so long

It hurts that youre just the reason for all my sad songs

They say, i will find someone else, alot better than you

But honestly, i dont want any better, i just want you

For You’d once given me that feeling, feeling of being there for me

Until you just went away, not even thinking about me

I still cry when i hear your name, for it hurts so bad

That youre doing all fine, like i was friend you’d never had

You moved away long ago, and never turned back to me again

Months passed by, making me wonder how much more do i have to live with pain

Breaking down

And when the sound of joy and happiness started to fade, silence was taking over. Just then, there was a name echoing out of nowhere, all just to me. Yeah, your name was all i could hear. I slowly started to sink within, tears wetting my cheeks. Out of nothing that would remind me of you, i remembered you. You came into my mind all of a sudden, i felt my heart breaking. I felt heavy, yet i could feel the emptiness! How hard was it for me to forget you for a while, that you had to pull me back right away?! All the feelings, id once thought had left me, came back as if it never left! I could feel the same pain id felt before, the same heartbreak id had before, the same tears id wept before. I wondered why i still wait for you, without having any hopes, knowing you would never come back! Why i still feel youre worth the pain! Soon then, i burst into tears, the pain was too much to hold! Closing my eyes, all i asked myself, why do i still love you so much, when you dont love me at all?!

Please come back

As time flies, i thought i would get stronger with the love i had for you. But as my love growing stronger for you, im getting weaker! Weaker and weaker day by day. Though my hopes are high, my patience is yet not supporting. Yes, im waiting for you, but no, im not complaining. Im not complaining that youre taking too long to come back. Im just telling you to come a little sooner, or maybe, please, come now. Iv been too strong till now, but now im breaking. I need you, to hold me and tell me that youve finally come to me, and that i dont need to wait anymore. Cuz it hurts to hear your name, when i havent seen you for so long. Its hurts too much, that i dont even know if youre doing fine right now or not. Yeah it hurts that we dont contact each other anymore. Im dying inside, im dying waiting for you. Just come infront, i wanna see you. I wanna look into your eyes, see the love in you for me, and hear you say that you will never go back and will always love me, until your last breadth. Iv been saying everyone, that youre the one i love. But now, i wanna say it again, not to everyone but just you. Please come back, i need you too bad. Please come back, i really really love you.

A painful wait

Who could ever know, that waiting for something, something really small, could be so painful. And its the most painful, when the other person has no clue that youre waiting, just for them, just for their action, just for their reaction. When a really small thing, like just a text from them, could mean so much to us, the wait for it, could hurt us so bad. And when you wait for them to text you first, it feels like a wait forever. They might be so busy, that they wouldnt notice how the time is flying, and here we count every minute passing by, just waiting for our phone to beep. It even hurts, when you see them come online, and then just go ofline, without leaving a message for you. We literally note down every time they come online and go ofline, and they ll have no clue that theres someone in their contacts watching them, yet with sadness, waiting. They could be busy with their work, or just with people better than us! They might be really busy, or just not having the interest to start a conversation with us. But this wait, is just so painful, we wish to god, that he should never make anyone wait that way. Waiting for something, knowing it will be coming soon, gives an excitement. But waiting for something, not knowing when it will come, or would it ever come, just gives pain. It hurts to wait, but sometimes thats the only thing we choose to do, keeping hopes. For who knew, that waiting could really be so painful.

It’s not love anymore

Its funny, that when i started to fall in love with you, you disappeared from my sight, and never found till now. Why, why did you do this? Was it my mistake that i fell in love with you? Now when people ask what would i do if you come back to me, i just smile and tell them that you never will. Time convinced me enough, that i no more doubt on my hopes that you ll ever come back, for i know, you will never. Its strange that i fell for you, and grew all my love for you, in your absence. The more i tried to get to you, the more i fell in love with my tears. You stayed in my heart, and thats why now i feel it as just another piece of shit. I dont want you to come back now, i just dont have anymore love to give you. But i just hope, i meet you somewhere along the streets, and our eyes meet each other’s! And i will speak to you, not about how much i loved you, but how much iv been wounded by you till now. And maybe that day, you would still not care about me, but maybe, i would feel the burden inside me finally gone. And maybe that day, i would finally get over you.