The rain touches the ground, as though it was so desperate

The fog hugs it around, a blurred world to create

The sky looks heavy, at its most grey

As though the sky too wants to just get away
I hear people’s feet splashing the water

As they run to find themselves a shelter

How I’d wish I could find one too

To protect me from the life I’m going through
Its all a chaos, a blurred world all around

With horns and splashes and all sorts of the sound

Just like how my mind feels everyday

A mess through which there doesn’t seem a way
But I stand there, amidst the running beings

Taking in the chaos, the sounds and the splashings

I feel calm, for I know what’s happening

I feel calm, for I know what’s coming
I look at the streets, I walk in alone

The street I’ve for so long known

I close my eyes before the car ringing its horn

With blankness and blackness, I’m now forever gone



As the night fell over, and the clouds turned darker,

The city lights went off like every other night. 

The world remained silent and shut in it’s body,

While she successfully escaped from her owned body.
The world was quiet, in calmness and peace

Oblivious to every act of her’s that night 

Little did anyone know, when the world would wake up

When the sun would come to greet, her eyes would remain still and shut
That night her soul gazed the world with it’s own vision

As the blood rushed out of her body, her soul walked out tranquilly

A place she wanted to escape slowly turned into the world itself

The world that now she’d finally escaped
The world now was in peace, ultimate peace

Until next morning, when the dead would unveil

This night would pass, with heavy darkness in the air

For the infinities knew this, she would wake up never again

Let go? Not always.

I think the whole concept of “letting go” has been taught wrong, or has been mistaken and misunderstood by all of us. We’ve been taught to let go of things more than to hold on to them. We practice letting go so often that we have merely nothing to hold on to. Its said, let go if it hurts. Its true, of course. If it hurts you too much, you need to move on. But not everything that hurts should be left behind. How or else could you admire a rose so close without getting yourself hurt by its thorns? The thorns does not make the rose any less beautiful. But the thorns are a part of the rose, and that’s just how we humans are. We all are beautiful, yet we all have something quite hurtful. You don’t have to let go of your friend, just because she did something that could be forgiven sooner or later in life. You don’t have to let go of your partner if they chose to do something that makes them happy but not you. Its alright to get hurt by your close ones sometimes. That only proves that they matter to you, and that you care. Otherwise they couldn’t have hurt you at all, if they didn’t matter. But again, that doesn’t make them bad or against you. Sometimes some things just happen. 

Yes, letting go is a part of life. Somethings have to be left behind. Letting go is truly courageous. But holding on to something or someone is uniquely special. You need to be strong to let go. You need to be stronger to hold on to things, get through the storm, and come out with a greater bond. Because when you hold on to things, they hold on to you back, and that feeling is something really beautiful.

Surely, let go if you really want to. But hold on, maybe just one more time.


I see people, I see faces

Of people around me, and of people around the people around me

I see, I hear, I imagine their life

And all I see is that they know they’re living their life.

They know themselves,

They know they their own’s

They’re happy with who they are

And happy with whom they are.

I see their pride, their confidence

I see how much they take care of their selves

They’re them, all belonging to their own selves,

They show it to the world, and I am able to see that

It makes me sad, but maybe gives a hope, too

That I’m not living with myself, but someday I will

Maybe like them, I’ll be myself, and I’ll be happy with it

Maybe someday, I will too make peace with myself.

All About You.

And yet again today,

I put down my pen,

Without writing a word,

Leaving the paper as it was,

Entitled as YOU,

With empty lines below.
And yet again today,

I got no lines,

I got no words,

That could describe you as finely,

Just as lovely you are.
And yet again today,

I catch myself falling in love, Seeing your face on those empty lines,

Watching my eyes fall in love with yours,

All over again.
And yet as always,

Without writing a word,

I feel satisfied as ever,

Feeling every bit of your presence with me,

On the paper, within me, in this scented air,

Just whispering to you, that I’m so in love with you. 

Your Inconsistent Love

Your ignorance,

Your short replies,

You inconsistency of loving me.

You were losing interest in me.

But damn, you didn’t confess.

Asked for a confession, but your anger scared me.

Your love again, melted me,

Your ignorance again, burnt me.

Which is worse, I don’t know.

Your inconsistency towards me, or my constant hopes from you.

Where once it was just me for you, now I can’t find myself in your world.

What did I do? Just gave you unconditioned love.

Maybe that was not enough to give,

Or maybe, it was too much.

Not did you just break me,

You crushed my soul

Made me feel worthless, like maybe I wasn’t enough for you, or wasn’t deserving.

Everyday, your ignorance stabbed me like a knife, and I bled, still wanting you.

And now I’m in this pool of blood, blood of my unconditioned love.

Still taking you name, for my satisfaction that I tried till I died, tried to be just enough for you once again

Breathless Pain

There was something about me

It drove me crazy

Gave me a headache, made me dizzy

There was something about me

That made me cry

Keeping me breathless, it tore me apart

There was something about me

I felt empty

Numb as ever yet pained with emotions

But then there nothing about me at all

It was just me

Me with my emotions

Me with my emptiness

Then there was you, and another second, there wasn’t any you

Who are you, to come and go away and back again

Your chaos had me in painful panics

Panics to death and back

But now, I played along

And now I’m calm

Calm as ever

Content in my sadness

So content feeling alone

Just content in feeling pain